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6/14/13: I don't know why I never put a link to these on my main page, but here are several funny Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 battle report/strategy thingies I have written over the years:

Banelings Bust My Bio Balls: A funny response to the annoying and "imbalanced" (not really) baneling bust strategy that was rampant in Starcraft 2.

Pride and Prejudice: AKA The Greatest Warcraft 3 Battle Report Ever!

The Goblin Tinker VS The Blademaster! I know, lame title, but hey it was my first...

Edit:2/8/13: Hey look, I did something video game related again and updated my top 20 rpg list! It is now a Top 40 Greatest RPGs Ever!

Edit: 1/31/13: Hey look, I did something video game related again! It is The Top 10 Wiiware Games Ever!

Edit 1/24/13: Hey look, I did something video game related! Let me present The Top 50 NES Games of all Time!!

Maybe I'll write something video game related again in a few years or so...

Edit 12/08: I really only update this site now :

Welcome to the Video Game Addicts' homepage! How lucky you were to find such a nice "website!" Come on in to a decent... scratch that, "adequate" site for finding reviews, midi, screenshots, and even forums of video games. This site covers many gaming consoles, such as the Gamecube, X-box, Playstation, Playstation 2, Nintendo 64, NES, Super Nintendo, and Dreamcast. Make sure to sign the quest book; if you're really bored that is...

On another note, I've started work on the new "Video Game Addict Interactive" layout. So far this gateway page is all I have "perfected."

Oh yes, and you should really visit my Top 20 Favorite RPGs of all Time list, my Top 100 Video Games of all Time list, and my Chrono Trigger 3 (Chrono Break?) page if you're bored (and weren't sure whether or not to go past this "gateway").

Oh, and don't forget to check out the "awesomeness" that is You will find lots of funny short stories, plays, poems, and songs there...

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