Gamecube System Stats
MPU ("Micro Processing Unit")
Custom IBM Power PC "Gekko"

Manufacturing Process
0.18 micron IBM Copper Wire Technology

Clock Frequency
485 MHz

CPU Capacity
1125 Dmips (Dhrystone 2.1)

Internal Data Precision
32-bit Integer & 64-bit Floating-point

External Bus
1.3 GB/second peak bandwidth

32-bit address space

64-bit data bus

162 MHz clock

Internal Cache
L1: Instruction 32KB, Data 32KB (8 way)

L2: 256KB (2 way)

System LSI
Custom ATI/Nintendo "Flipper"

Manufacturing Process
0.18 micron NEC Embedded DRAM Process

Clock Frequency
162 MHz

Embedded Frame Buffer
Approx. 2 MB

Sustainable Latency: 6.2ns (1T-SRAM)

Embedded Texture Cache
Approx. 1 MB

Sustainable Latency: 6.2 ns (1T-SRAM)

Texture Read Bandwidth
10.4 GB/second (Peak)

Main Memory Bandwidth
2.6 GB/second (Peak)

Pixel Depth
24-bit Color, 24-bit Z Buffer

Image Processing Functions
Fog, Subpixel Anti-aliasing, 8 Hardware Lights, Alpha Blending, Virtual Texture Design, Multi-texturing, Bump Mapping, Environment Mapping, MIP Mapping, Bilinear Filtering, Trilinear Filtering, Ansitropic Filtering, Real-time Hardware Texture Decompression (S3TC)
Real-time Decompression of Display List, HW 3-line Deflickering filter
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