Stories Rejected By Teachers
                                             a Nick Enloe Original

   There once was a happy bunny named Fred. He lived in the house of a happy family. This family ws decorating their house and getting reay for Kwanza.
The family decorated the Kwanza shrub, and then went to bed, dreaming of Kwanza cakes, beans, and fried chicken.
   But all was not well in the house.Fred, the bunny, was eating his pellets, happy as can be, when he heard a rapping.
   The door swung open. Fred chewed out of his cage and hid behind a dresser.
It was an evil man, named Mr. Guy, and he had broken into the house.
Mr. Guy went into the kitchen and began drinking milk out of the carton.
He then went into the living room and put his feet on the table.
"(bunny sounds)" Fred said.
"Who said that?" Mr. Guy cried.
"(bunny sounds)" Fred replied.
"It's Fred! No!!!!"Mr. Guy yelled.
Mr. Guy reached for a Kwanza sock and threw it in Fred's general direction. He missed.
Fred jumped on Mr. Guy and proceeded to kiss him until Mr. Guy ran out the door.
The lights turned on.
"Who's there?"the father asked.
He looked and saw Fred.
"You saved Kwanza again for us!"father cried."All Hail Fred, the Kwanza bunny!"

                                                           The End
                                                  a Nick Enloe Original

  In a land far away called Earth, the residents were puny and weak. Their savior, Luchador Ben, was the man who saved them from danger when it appears.
   One day, while heroicly eating a burrito, Luchador Ben glanced at the sky. Big bright discs came from the sky and landed. He would've been right to the scene,but he had to finish hs burrito.
The aliens landed, and combed through the countryside, In their hands they held long metal rods, with a sphere on the end.
   "These aliens must be stopped!"Luchador Ben said."These are the monsters that sneak from behind!"
   Luchador Ben met them head-on. "I'm the mighty Luchador Ben, fear me and stuff!" The aliens looked at each other and laughed. Ben had sauce from his burrito on his chin...
A kid then appeared. It was Nick! "Don't worry Ben, I am here, and it's your day off. I'm Luchador Nick, and I'm here to help you fight evil!"
  That was the last that we saw of Nick. They took him inside their ship for a tea party.
While they were busy, Ben jumped off a tall pole.
"SPOON!" he cried, and down he went, crushing his foes.
   "Luchador action at it's best. The world is safe once again!" he said, with his boot on an aliens chest.
   And a little young lad approached the brave Luchador, and asked,"How can I grow up to be as great as you?"
"Drink milk, young lad, and one day you'll be big and strong!"he heroicly replied.
   And Luchador Ben turned around and froliced into the forest.

                                                       The End
                                                 a Nick Enloe Original

   There once was a boy. But this isn't about that boy. It's about his pet worm Chimpy.
Chimpy was a lonely worm who lived all by himself, in the dark and away from the world. The boy took pride in his pet worm and loved him dearly. He loved him so much he never showed him to other people.
   The boy also liked to fish. He always went fishing on weekends, but couldn't catch any fish. "I must be the only boy in town that can't catch a fish. Maybe I should stop using dirt as bait, and get something fish would really like to bite on."
  Even though he was quite sad to do so, he knew he'd have to use Chimpy as bait. You wouldn't want to be a fishless boy, would you?
The boy took the hook and put Chimpy on it. The boy shed a tear as he saw what he had done, but he had to continue. He had to fish.
   The boy then jerked his wrist awkwardly, and the hook, with the worm on it, flew into the water. The line had snapped.
Chimpy swam as fast as he could, lunging from hungry fish and struggling to get to shore. Chimpy almost thought it was over as he washed onto the nice,dry ground.
   The boy ran over to him. "Oh, what have I done to you? All because of my selfishness to catch fish!"
The boy took the mangled worm home and nursed him back to health. He couldn't, however, get the hook out. The boy felt bad, and decided that instead of dwelling on the hooks ugliness, he would decorate it.
   The worm no longer stays alone in the darkness with the boy. The boy had since decided to share the joys of his pet worm Chimpy with everyone.

                                                    The End

The Bunny Who Saved Kwanza

Luchador Ben

Oh Worm of Mine

The Bunny Who Saved Kwanza
Luchador Ben
Oh Worm of Mine