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IRC Commands
Register your nick name: First, the nick that you want to register has to be unregistered and you must be using it at the moment. Type /msg nickserv register yourpassword youremailaddress, then hit enter.

Change your nick name: Type /nick yournewnickname.

Get other users info/check for imposters or see if user is online: Type /whoisnickname (no spaces, here is an example: whoisVGADisciple.

Invite other users: Type /invite usersnickname #roomname.

Post *action* remarks: Type /me yourmessage or /action yourmessage and it will show your message to the channel in purple-colored text as an action.

Send private message: Easiest way is to click on the users nickname in the user list, type and send message, and un-click users name to go back to regular mode. Also, there a three other methods just in case you like to do things the difficult way. (1) Type /msg usersnickname yourmessage and wait for reply. (2) Type /dcc chat usersnickname and wait for the user to acknowledge your chat request. (3) Type msg usersnickname yourmessage. While chatting privately using these methods, no other users will see your messages.

Away Message (while not online): Type /away yourmessage. To set yourself back once online, type /away.

Ignore another user: Type /ignore usersnickname. Use caution when using this command. Once you /ignore another user, the only way to un-ignore that user is for the user to change his nick name.

To kick some one out: Type /kick usernickname.

To make temporary ops: Type /op usernickname. Once the user leaves the room, the temporary op status is lost.

To make permanent ops: Type /msg chanserv access #roomname add usersnickname oplevel. The op level is how much power you give to the op. 1-4 isnt much, but a topic changing op can have a level of 5 - 9999, which is an all access op. They can kick, ban, etc. Dont worry, they can't take over our room as there are commands to de-op them from outside our room.

Nick help: Type: /msg nickserv help.

Chat help: Type: /msg chanserv help.

Leave the current chat room: Type /leave or type /part. Either one of these should work.

View other available chat rooms: Type /list.

Join another chat room: Type /join #roomname

Exit chat program: Type /quit yourmessage.
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