The Nick Enloe Collection: Volume 2
Hope(less) 1-10-01
Your minimum Wage Friends 1-8-01
Personal Ad
The Cock (True Story)
                                             Hope(less) 1-10-01

Even though today seemed pretty bad

And yesterday was horrible, too

There’s still no reason to be sad

Wait for what tomorrow will bring you.

It ay turn our to be twice as bad

You’ll think that I have lied

Your face will frown, you will be mad

At least you’ll know what you tried.

But years off life before you wait

You think you have a curse

Just remember that it’s not too late

Could it get any worse?

Clear up my friend

I’ve never seen you cry

The pain and suffering all will end

The happy day you die

Your minimum Wage Friends 1-8-01

Do you find yourself overflowed with money?

But you always need to borrow cash

You’ve got a car, but what about your buddies?

You make twice as much as they make in one day

Well I say:

Please don’t mooch off your friends,

It doesn’t matter what’s their age. You take all your money, that’s the end

All your friends are stuck on minimum wage.

Do you get what I am saying?

You seem awfully might rich,

To your friends who make less than $5.50

You stupid tightwad bitch.

You know there’s got to be a point,

As you seem to know me.

This whole song is to remind you of the money that you owe me,

Please don’t mooch off your friends

It doesn’t matter what’s their age.

You take all their money, that’s the end

Cuz all your friends are stuck on minimum wage.


10-16-00 “I really think my lack of a life is starting to show through.”

10-18-00 “life is but a repetition of mind-numbing boring moments.”

10-23-00 “There are exactly two kinds of people in this world; people who dirty dishes, and those who are sent back to wash them.”

10-26-00 “These days, when you say “hi” to a chick, everyone immediately thinks you want in her pants.”

11-07-00 “Though I’m not an idiot, I still have my pride”

11-20-00 “Loneliness can be either being away from people or not being able to make a connection with any of them.

Personal Ad

Hello all hot chicks!

If you are a chick between the ages of 6-60, and will settle for less, give Nick Enloe a call. Nick Enloe is tall, sexy, smart, optimistic, and can fulfill all your needs. No transvestites please. Unless you look like Anna Kournikova. Give me a call.



    Goot is Mexican

    He likes to eat burritos

    Goot is pretty fat.


    Aliens are real

    They ride around in spaceships

    Anal probing probably hurts


Questions asked to Nick and his answers:

Q: What positive contributions did you make this week?

A: I didn’t bother many people...

Q: What have you done to help others this week?

A: I made them feel smarter.

Q: If you could plan your destiny, what would it be like?

A: My destiny would be like a chick with big boobs, very fruitful

Q: What would you risk for success?

A: I would risk certain body parts, but nothing in the genital area.

Q: How do you handle peer pressure?

A: With a middle finger in their face

Q: Do you take responsibility for your actions?

A: No, It’s all your fault!

(God, Nick is kinda touchy. At this point he broke a window and threatened to murder my family. We’ll get him the help he needs...)

                                           The Cock (True Story)

(Nick makes a pathetic attempt at impressing a girl by stating, “I do not like green eggs and meat, it is you who I would like to eat.” Mr. Hock (Cock) takes notice)

Mr. Hock: Do not take my time to flirt with chicks!

Nick: Okay, I’m, sorry, I’ll shut up now.

Mr. Hock: Cause you’ll find yourself outside with a T-square and a triangle.

(Nick look of sadness. Looks at JOEMAN in silence)

Nick: I never get any love...

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