Poems From the Heart...or Somewhere (page 3)

All poetry written by John Lindsey...

Another Found Poem
Learn to Laugh
Poem of Infinite Sadness
A Poooooooem!
Confessions of a Man Named John
America, April 5, 2004
Dearest Moose Friend
LOVE!!! <3 <3 <3
The Final Destination

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Another Found Poem

Want a great job?
Bigger, newer, bluer
Attend the workshop
We look forward to seeing you!
We fired our fortune teller
Some people think we’re a bit over the top
Making science makes sense
Hubble Telescope as the most powerful time machine
Free, take one!
Travel to exotic and interesting places

Learn to Laugh

Happy moose dance freely in forests
I shiver a little
Birds caw and moo in skies of cerulean
I build log cabins
Mud and mortar wall in the daffodils
I weep for lost puppies
A deluge of water knocks over the reindeer
I am sad...
Elk and frogs mourn the loss of chastity
I was no where near the place
A duck breaks in some new shoes
I lasso the escaping space shuttle
Flames envelope a dismayed marshmallow
I often find myself knitting kilts
A thousand leaves fall in an empty room
I plow all of the snow from a coconut
Wizened willows whip the weary
I learn to laugh

Poem of Infinite Sadness

Why, oh why did you leave me!?
You said we'd always be there for each other...
Be there to genetically alter those animals
Side by side we would turn harmless marmots into killers
But then you found someone better...
Someone who could make a cat with laser eyes
You kicked me to the curb like yesterday's marmot
And now I'm left sobbing uncontrollably
as darkness closes in and consumes me
I wish I could be strong like you
Always laughing maniacally while animals cower
But instead tears of anguish drown me
I choke on their salty salty death salt
Would you love me like old times
If I dressed as a happy little marmot?
I could truly be glad once more
If you gave me laser eyes...
Then I could melt the one who took you from me
My laser eyes would bring justice to the world
No more sad children
I would melt away their tears
Just enough laser to burn there tear ducts away
They would never weep again
You see? I just want us all to be happy
Like the world was before you left me

A Poooooooem!

Fluffy bunnies hop all around
I loooove them!
They are always bringing me carrots and celery
Because they know I eat rabbits if I get too hungry

They are always telling me how beautiful
My eyes look when the sun is reflected in them

And I take the carrots they give me
and put them in places I shouldn’t
Like a church offering tray...


In the shade of trees
I realize I need to pee
The trees grow taller

Clouds smile down on me
I throw rocks at some children
Clouds frown down on them

Birds fly in my face
I dance and sing and eat them
Birds in my belly

I like squirrels too much
I put them in my blue jeans
I wish I hadn’t...

The trees are ablaze
Someone dropped their cigarette
rabbits are saddened

Tree falls in forest
No one there to hear the noise
Except the squished frog

Confessions of a Man Named John

I laugh at the misfortune of others
I laugh at my own misfortune
I laugh at misfortune in general . . .
I am trying to take over the internet
After High School, my “social life” died
Okay, after grade school, my social life died
I know I’ve put more than 200 hours into Warcraft 3
Probably many more hours. . .
I love the Monty Python movies
And making fun of anime TV shows
All three episodes I’ve watched. . .
I secretly enjoy flying kites
Haven’t tried it during a lightning storm yet
I like old Nintendo Entertainment System games the best
Many of the newer games just suck
But I’ve bought some anyway. . .
Remember, my social life is dead
I am really hungry right now
But what’s new!?

America, April 5, 2004

A bald eagle flies
With George Washington on its shoulder
It perches on the Liberty Bell
And some guy takes a picture

Superman battles Miss America
For the freedom of Eskimos
Superman’s frost breath VS Miss America’s kick to the junk
Superman dies and Miss America takes the oil of Alaska to herself

Amber waves of grain
Are being eaten by the last buffalo
In tornado alley
where the wind reigns supreme

We’ve got a man on the moon
And hotdogs in our mouths
Some people have a little more than hotdogs
Just ask any intern...

The Rhode Island Army will soon conquer all
With its battalion penguins and rabid eagles
The oil and top soil of the world are ours!
Not even little puppy dogs are safe from our wrath

Penguins sank the Titanic
Penguins sank the Titanic...

God bless America, land that I love!

Dearest Moose Friend,
I have longed for you since our last... encounter. I often find myself dreaming of our deep conversations on life, love, and burritos! Frequently I walk out of my house and make moose calls in hopes that you will come running back to me. Loping back to the untamed forests of Sibley where all residents live under the constant fear of Indian and bear attacks. But that’s why you left me in the first place... Too many bears ate your brethren. So by now you’ve probably swam down the mighty Mississippi River, and all the way to the oasis of Louisiana. Where milk, honey, and burritos flow from every rock and tree, and all is well... But tell me moose friend, do you ever find yourself thinking back to our times in the forest? Do you remember our first kiss? Come back to me moose friend! Side by side we can battle bears and rabid sparrows and tame the land of Rhode Island. Then, all fear will be gone from this place, and we can start a family of our own. Just thinking of the little moose-human hybrids running around brings a happy tear to my eye.
With Love,
John, Friend of all Moose

LOVE!!! <3 <3 <3

The day I fell in love
The sky was blue
I saw a friendly dove
And heard a cow say, “Moo!”

So I caught that bird
And tied it to the cow
And said the magic word
“Waka Waka Wow!”

And then the dove took flight
The cow went soaring too
Us Earthbound ones would be in plight
If the cow decided to take a poo

And then I saw her by a rock
The beautiful marmot girl
She didn’t even have to talk
I already wanted to make love to her

So we danced and sang in the springtime sun
And built little forts out of stones
While spinning in circles we had such fun
She sang in such wondrous tones. . .

But while we were having this bliss in the wild
Dark clouds began to cover the sky
I asked the marmot if she’d have my child
Not knowing that soon she would die!

Lightning then struck a tree by my love
And the forest brush caught fire fast
I hoped the rain would come from above
And extinguish the fire at last

But no the inferno only spread swifter
And a burning tree fell on my marmot’s tail
The log was so heavy that I couldn’t lift er’
And my soul mate burnt out with a wail

I gathered her ashes with no hesitation
In hopes that science would one day discover
A cure for victims of incineration
So I could be reunited with my lover...

The Final Destination

Flowers falling downhill
Eskimos gathering the coconut harvest
Wary wasps work wonders
A man drives his jeep towards the horizon
All knowing their final destination
The McDonald’s on 291

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