Sergei sprinted back towards the obelisk, hoping he could “warp” back to where he came from, and away from the vicious squirrels.

As he neared the obelisk, he felt a huge sense of dread. And when the black cloaked figure with the shiny black helmet stepped out from behind the ominous obelisk, Sergei knew his fear was justified.

“Darth Vader, my son... So we meet again at last at this strange place filled with squirrels... and an obelisk. A very ominous obelisk at that.”

The squirrels who had been chasing Sergei stopped and stared aghast at Darth Vader.

After Vader did his “wheezing in the helmet” routine, he used the force to lift the squirrels into the air, throwing them right at Sergei.

With a “fffshhhwwwweeeeee,” Sergei brandished his red-bladed light saber, hacking the squirrels apart (“vwooom vwooom!”).

“Now it is your turn to die my son!”yelled Sergei, “I should have finished this a long time ago in a galaxy far far away...”

“No my father, it is you who will be dying” Vader said as he drew his own red-bladed light saber.

The two terrific titans tangled terribly on that torrid terrain. Pigeons and innocent bystander squirrels were hewn down by the wildly swinging light sabers.

The sun then came out from behind the clouds, and its light reflected off of Vader’s helmet, blinding Sergei.

“Arg!” screamed Sergei, as he temporarily lost his focus on “the force.”

Vader seized this opportunity to behead Sergei with one final swoop of his light saber...

“Now if you will pardon me Corpse Sergei, I must return to my master the Emperor.”

Vader pointed his fist into the air like Superman and then flew to the Death Star, just in time for brunch.

The End
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