Gordred flew through a great void of darkness, but was soon surrounded by floating clocks that were illuminated in their own light.

Wherever their hands pointed, Gordred could see little “windows” into what had to be different time periods in the “real world.”

He caught a glimmer of light out of the corner of his eye, and turned to see what it was.

“Ah! The obelisk! It must be a time machine, and I must be traveling through time right now.”

He flew after the time machine, realizing he could direct his own movement by thought alone.

He saw the time machine/obelisk enter one of the “windows” in the void with a flash of light, and so he followed it.

He was “expelled” from the clock cluttered wonderland and into and extremely hot and humid jungle. He landed right beside the obelisk, and hid behind it while Sergei and Fredrique talked.

He knew he couldn’t take them both on at once if they saw him coming, so he decided to wait until they had both let their guard down, in hopes he could assault them with the advantage of a “surprise attack.”

Suddenly, Sergei gayly loped off into the jungle and Fredrique regretfully followed him. Gordred took this as an opportunity to steal the time machine!

“Har!” he exclaimed, “Now they will be stuck in this jungle and time forever! Guess I’ll be heading back to my own time...”

But as he entered the time machine he had a better idea...

“Or maybe... maybe I can travel back in time and kill Sergei before he can ever injure my ancestor Marv! That would be the ultimate justice!”

Gordred put the “Year of Vileness,” or the year that Marv’s poor squirrel tail was smashed into the time machine, and then pressed the big red button.

He felt the time machine “blink” out of realtime and knew he must be traveling past the clocks now and to the allotted time...

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