Sergei roared, “Hey, look a pack of defenseless baby dinosaurs!” and then pointed to a clearing behind Timmy. When the tyrannosaur turned to look, Sergei and Fredrigue jumped into the “time distortion” and hoped for the best.

What awaited them was not at all what they expected. They began to accelerate through a void of what looked like space, but then suddenly clocks of different sizes began to whisk past them at incredible speeds. Wherever the clocks’ hands were pointing, there would be giant rents in the darkness where events from the “real world” were showing through.

“Of course...” said Fredrique, “Why shouldn’t there be clocks flying around as you travel through time?” He then sighed very heavily.

And then they saw it, in the distance, the obelisk/time machine traveling through the same clock saturated “space.”

“My buttons!” screamed Sergei, as he began to flap his arms madly in an attempt to catch up to the time machine. There was a loud dinosaur roar behind the two “time travelers,” and they both turned around to see Timmy flying through time after them.

“Sergei, take evasive maneuvers!”

Sergei and Fredrique flew around in loops and corkscrews as though time travel were the simplest of things. Timmy was unable to handle this, and as he tried to eat Fredrique, he ran right into the face of a clock, knocking off half of its numbers... He ricocheted off at a strange angle, and ended up floating off into the labyrinth of clocks.

“Alas poor Timmy... Perhaps he will forever be lost in time?” said Fredrique.

“Nooooo!!!,” screamed Sergei, “My pet dinosaur!”

“It is okay Sergei, we’ll get you a small dinosaur plush toy whenever we get to another time period...”

“Can it be one with beets inside?”



“Sure... Whatever... Let’s just try and catch up with that time machine! Wait, it’s following one of the clock hands!”

The time machine entered one of the “rents” in time, and with a flash of light it was gone. Sergei and Fredrique followed the same clock hand, and were shot through the “time hole” and into realtime. There they witnessed quite a spectacle.

Sergei and Fredrique watched a man that looked exactly like Sergei step into a obelisk that looked exactly like the an obelisk that was parked right beside it. And from that “identical” obelisk, Gordred the squirrel suddenly leapt out.

“I am just in time, if I kill the original Villain now, he will not be able to injure my ancestor Marv!” said Gordred as he jumped towards the closing door of the capsule Sergei “1" just entered.

Just as he was about to sink his adorable squirrel teethies into Sergei 1's leg, the time capsule door shut, right on Gordred’s tail! Gordred wailed in pain, but was thrown out of the time capsule by Sergei 1.

“Now it all makes sense...” said Gordred in between sobs of pain, “I am Marv, the very squirrel who was injured by The Villain all those years before my birth!”

“No, that doesn’t make sense Gordred... or Marv, whatever,” said Fredrique, “ If you were the original squirrel that was injured on this day, how could you possibly have lived both in the past and future?!”

“No see... I am injured right now, and so will exact my revenge on the human race by using my knowledge of future technologies to enslave all of humanity, and then breed my own race of intelligent and genetically enhanced squirrels. Knowing that one day in the future I will be born again as Gordred just to travel back in time and enslave the human race once more! It is like and endless cycle of human oppression... I love it!”

“Arg... Still, doesn’t make sense to me.” said Fredrique.

“No matter, see you fools later! Much much later!” said Gordred/Marv as he ran out of the meadow, shooting lasso goo at the squirrel eating squids who tried to eat him, and trying to hide the obvious discomfort he was in from his door smashed tail.

“Let him go Fredrique... A little squirrel lives on inside all of us” said Sergei.

“You know, if I had never rescued you from Gordred’s freaking mansion, none of this would have ever happened to me! I’m using this other time machine to go stop my self from doing just that!”

“Not so fast!” screamed a voice from within the “time ripple” left behind by Sergei 1's departure. And then a half-man half-bunny creature “shot” out of the ripple and pointed a rod full of flashy lights at the time capsule, destroying it in a very anti-climatic implosion.

“You killed my salvation machine! Who are you to do such a thing!?” said Fredrique.

“I am Clyde, the Keeper of Time! And you morons have been slicing giant holes in the space-time fabric with that confounded machine! I take one little rest stop, and that moron steals my time machine!”

Clyde pointed at Sergei, who was currently watching a butterfly flap around a dandelion.

“Shiny buttons?” implored Sergei.

“Really, do you know how hard it is traveling through time to repair all of the “time rips” that are caused from natural occurrences alone? And then you all go ripping a new “space-hole” in all of these time zoned, and with my own time machine!”

“Why does it really matter? Why not just leave the holes?”

“Because then morons like you two keep jumping into them and changing things around in time periods you don’t belong, and not only that, but with every hole in time that is made, the very structure of the universe weakens...”


“Meaning that if enough of these holes are made, the universe will rip itself apart, destroying all atoms, everything!” said Clyde.

“Well, you just destroyed your time machine, how are you going to fix things now?”

“I am not going to fix anything, you two antagonists are going to repair the damage you caused, I am retiring... I can’t take this pressure anymore!”

And with that, Clyde handed Sergei the flashy lighted rod and pushed him and Fredrique through the time hole.

Should Fredrique take the rod from Sergei to try and learn how to use it to repair time holes, or should he let Sergei do what he does best, randomly push buttons?