No Fredrique... This time, I’m not running away from my problems!” yelled Sergei as he turned to glare at Timmy.

Timmy, who’s hunger finally got the best of him, lunged at Sergei and Fredrique. Sergei adroitly jumped out of the way, but Fredrique was not so speedy.

Timmy chomped Fredrique in half, leaving only his legs behind. Sergei grabbed both of Fredrique’s legs, and used them as weapons to bludgeon the terrific tyranosaur with.

When that didn’t work, Sergei summoned a fiery demon from the pit of Missouri, and it consumed Timmy in its flaming wrath.

“Hooray!” shouted Sergei, “I have vanquished the... dragon!”

He danced around in his infinite happiness, and even had a romantic slow dance with the fire demon.

But sadly for him, he dawdled around too long and was destroyed by the asteroid when it crashed into the earth... Only Sergei’s legs survived.

The End
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