Give me that!” said Fredrique as he took the rod from Sergei, “There is no way I’m putting the fate of the universe in your hands.”

There were only two buttons on the rod, and Sergei was able to press the leftmost one before Fredrique pulled the rod away from him.

Right after the button was pushed, the “time rip” that Fredrique and Sergei had just came through closed up, and Fredrique said, “The button on the left must be what seals up the holes! So the one on the right must...”

And then Sergei lunged at the buttons again, this time pressing the one on the right. A new “rip” in time was made very close to where the original was, and Fredrique had finally had enough of Sergei.

“Go back from whence ye came Sergei!” yelled Fredrique as he pushed Sergei through the open time hole.

Sergei shot out into the “real world” only a few minutes after the whole “scene with Clyde” and then brushed himself off. The time hole sealed itself up, letting ol’ Sergei know that Fredrique had forsaken him.

“Then I shall just have to do what I had done every single day of my life before my recent adventure... Try to find the magical forest nymphs!”

And with that he stalked off into the forest.

The End
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