I don’t even care anymore Sergei... I leave the universe in your hands... All is lost!” said Fredriqe as he and his “pal” Sergei floated though the clock filled wonderland once again.

“I... love... buttons!!” screamed Sergei as he rapidly pushed the two buttons that were on the rod. It seemed that if he pushed the one on the left, nearby time holes would seal up, but if he pushed the button on the right side of the rod, new time holes would open up.

Sergei was enamored by the bright scenery that shown through from every open rift, and soon he completely ignored the button on the left, choosing to rapidly press the “rift make” button.

Soon, all of time-space was permeated, and then ripped apart. Fredrique, Gordred, all of the universe... destroyed by Sergei. The last sound any creature in any time heard before the “end” was Sergei’s scream of “Weeeee!!!”

And then, there was nothing, only the narrator of this story was awesome enough to survive the destruction of the universe, and he floated around in “the void” for all of “time.” Though time no longer existed...

The End
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