The Top 50 NES Games Ever!

Over the course of my long and illustrious life, I have somehow had the free time (i.e. mostly when I was a child) to play many many games on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (you know, the NES). This is my own personal ranking of them, and as I have not played every NES game of all time (unfortunately), it will most likely look very different from yours. Don't get upset! Opinions will differ, and nostalgia forever affects our view of certain cherished childhood games.

I will also be selling a few NES games on eBay from time to time, so keep an eye on that link!

Without further ado, the list:

The Top 50 NES Games

50. Whomp 'Em

Hey look it's a Mega Man rip off starring a spirited Native American boy who goes around killing boss creatures and taking their powers! Not the greatest NES game, but the list has to start somewhere.

49. Dr. Mario

The game that encouraged children everywhere to start pill popping! Just grab all of the multicolored pills from your parents' medicine cabinet and line em up to kill the viruses inside you! It's ok, Dr. Mario would never lead you astray...

48. California Games

Ok, so playing something called “footbag” sounds very wrong and dirty and definitely not something that should be played by kids. But relax, it's just California Game's weird wording for hacky sack! There are other games too, but their names are more normal and therefore too boring to list.

47. Burger Time

I found this game to be excellent practice for my later career in fast food. Right down to the shaking salt into the eyes of the customers which I always perceived as “enemies.”

46. Pro Wrestling

You all know you loved this one... Remember the ridiculously overpowered karate chop guy? Or Starman with his crazy flip kicking? Classic.

45. Donkey Kong

Hey Mario/ “Jumpman” had to get his start somewhere. And I guess the monkey was cool too. This is the game that put Miyamoto the Magnificent on the map as a brilliant game designer. The hammer is still one of the coolest power ups of its time (and feared by many a Super Smash Bros. Player).

44. Track and Field

So my friend had the “exercise pad” (or whatever it was called) peripheral thingie where you were supposed to stand on it and get exercise while you played a video game (think an early early Wii Fit). But it was much more effective to just hit it with your hands as fast as possible (think cheating at Whack a Mole at the arcades). Why would you ever want to go to a real track or field

43. Duck Hunt

So the clay pigeons were the best part of this game. Ok, no, everyone remembers the annoying snickering dog that you can't kill (and you should never kill a dog anyway psycho!). Or how about holding the light gun against the screen so you were sure to hit your target? My childhood was awesome...

42. Skate or Die

The Half-pipe was where it was at in this game. Tony Hawk Pro Skater should owe this game maker royalties. And I suppose if I was presented with the ultimatum, “Skate or die!” in real life I would choose to skate, though sometimes in real life you can skate and die (always wear a helmet kids).

41. Smash TV

It was a bit like an overhead Contra, only with no Konami code. Still fun though! Play this game enough and you'll be ready for the near future where reality TV becomes even more violent (Jerry Springer with guns?)!

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