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Updated / Written: 01/20/2019

Funny Short Plays:

I have finally uploaded my very funny short plays (10 minute plays), so you must read them:

Edit: 01-20-2019

So I am currently accepting/anticipating filmed versions of my plays/sketches! If you liked my plays and want to film yourself acting them out, I will gladly feature them on this website.

So all you forensics/debate students who want to start making a name for yourselves feel free to record or video your performances of my plays and I will feature them right here at HappyAndSane.com

Simply upload your video to youtube and send me the link (my email is under the "use my junk" link on Happy And Sane) and I will promote it to the best of my ability (I can guarantee you hundreds of views). Please, no ads though ;)

It's Nuts : A short funny play (for two to three people) about squirrels fighting over which nut is better: acorns or walnuts.

Of Love, Lunch, and Losers : A short funny play (for four people) about three different guys who go after the same girl...

It's Just A Napkin : An insane, and hopefully funny, play (for three people) about life and love in a world that is just... strange.

Visiting Gran Gran: Ok, so I recently decided to delve once more into the lives of quaint, but insane, individuals in this whimsical (and offensive) play about a father and sons' heartwarming visit to their dear old Gran Gran in the rest home. This 10 minute play is for three people.

The Pet Rock Salesman: This is a whimsical five minute sketch/play thing where a charismatic door to door salesman tries to sell pet rocks to a lonely housewife.

Oh look! "The Pet Rock Salesman" finally got filmed as a youtube video!

True, I am much better at the writing style of playacting, and I can't be bothered to memorize two and a half minutes of my own written dialogue, but it was still fun to make!

Think you can do better? Feel free to film yourself acting it out and submit it to me under the "use my junk" section of this website and I'll feature it alongside my attempt. Fame and fortune will immediately follow for you!