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This is the headquarters of the Annoying Turtle Foundation.
We are online practicle
jokers that like to annoy clans and other forums by posting pointless, yet profound, writings on their message boards...
Forums we have already "invaded"
Video Game Assassins
Beware of rabid turtles!!! Cool JavaScripts
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Date invaded: 8-3-01 by the Violent Bob Clan

Results: First they were kind of mad, then they laughed at us, now they laugh with us...well kind of. I guess they still laugh at us mainly lol.
Date "invaded" : 10-7-01 by the Violent Bob Clan

Results: They seem to like us;they couldn't really be serious with all of those ban threats, now could they?
Playerz Inc.
Date "invaded": 10-13-01 by the Annoying Turtle Foundation and Violent Bob Clan

Results: Not much... No one really posts much in the particular forum we invaded.
  If you would like to help the Annoying Turtle Foundation, then post suggestions for future invasions on our message boards. Try to find a forum with many people for the best results.

   Use search engine below if necessary.
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Date "invaded": 1-13-02 by the ATF

Results: Not quite what I expected. I posted a bunch of rabid turtle stories, and the results were going good. Then, people started using our threads to flame a certain SD member. Not quite what I had in mind, but it stirred SD up none the less.
Mass Murderers
Date "invaded": 2/9/02 by the ATF

Results: An interesting "invasion." It eventually became a competition to see who could post the most turtle pics. There were some rather interesting ones... Various turtles possesed the one they call Axemaster the Fierce.
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